You know how anyone today can just say- “Oh, I saw Bigfoot,” or “I just saw Sasquatch?” But are these people lying, or are they telling the truth about what they claim to have encountered? Let us examine the far less explored idea- in (finally) re-evaluating centuries old Native American Indian legends.

Being that, if there was- any truth- to such a creature- the Native American Indians might have stories of it as well? Hopeful, but doubtful, in his quest for answers- Leon Pfaller reveals that not only do 90% of North America’s Native American Indians have stories that- verify- the true existence of this giant. They also have many different names from tribe-to-tribe for the same described being. As well as a variety of stories of this giant’s behavior (everything from stealing fish to human-abduction) all to- reveal- the same described thing- people still claim to have encounters with- in our woods of North America- Bigfoot/Sasquatch! This is in a non-fiction book which is cited and sourced from hundreds of literary examples. From the Great explorer Samuel De Champlain’s diary from 1603 (of stories told among eastern tribes), to Jose Mariano Mociño’s book from 1792 (of an account given by a tribe from among the shores of the BC coast). To Eskimo accounts gathered in Alaska from early 1800’s Russian explorers.